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Davis Instruments Cabled 6152C Vantage Pro2 - Personal Weather Station
Temperature & Humidity Sensor - Sensor located 5'0" above grass surface.
24 Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield.
Tipping Spoon Rain Gauge - Top of collector cone located 4'11" above grass surface.
Rain Collector Heater - Allows for liquid measurement of snow & freezing rain.
Stratus Analog Rain Gauge - Used for CoCoRaHS submissions and verification of precipitation measurements.
Anemometer & Wind Vane
Davis WeatherLink Data Logger - Archives data in 1 minute intervals and allows for communication with the weather computer, CWOP, Weather For You and Weather Underground.
Weather Station Software
Virtual Weather Station - Used to create this website - information & graphs updated every minute.
Davis WeatherLink Software - Launched each night to retreve the archive from the Data Logger and create various reports.
National Weather Service Forecast with icons - Creates Weather Forecast information.
NOAA ATOM/CAP Weather Advisories - Creates Weather Advisory information.
Omni Slide Menu - Creates the Quick Navigation Menu.
Station Location
Map - Located within the Mill Creek Watershed (map) along the Liberty Twp / Fairfield Twp border in Butler County, Ohio about 20 miles north of Cincinnati.
CWOP Station Details - Citizen Weather Observer Program.
CWOP Weather Station Siting Guide - PDF 3.9MB
Detailed CWOP Weather Station Siting Guide - PDF 2.2MB

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